About Us

Mastering the art of perfect adventure and community experiences.

When the pandemic hit the world in late 2019 the founders of Community Experiences were running another successful adventure company. As the pandemic spread around the globe and travel became scarce the old company was disbanded and we had to lie in wait. Late in 2021 seeing the prospect of tourism gather momentum we decided to launch a new company with totally different values and vision and hence Community Experiences was born. Most of us working here have over 12 years of experience in sustainable, responsible, and value-based tourism. We bring those years of experience and expertise to you in the form of Community Experiences.

Mission & Vision

Product Mission: To give you an experience of Nepal that will linger long after you have left the country. See the country through the eyes of a local, being a traveler and not a tourist.

Social Mission: Spread the money in the larger community so that everyone reaps the benefit of the natural assets of the country. Engage the community in the development and, protection of the environment.

Economic Mission: Run the company on a sound financial footing and to create job opportunities for mountain communities that depend on sustainable tourism. The benefits to be spread amongst the larger spectrum of our employees, stakeholders and the common man.

Sustainable Travel

Nepal's greatest assets are its mountains, fast-flowing rivers, alpine meadows, and tropical forests that support a wide variety of flora, fauna, and wildlife. If these resources are not harnessed properly and with care then the future generation will not be able to enjoy the benefits and the environment will be ruined. At Community Experiences we take utmost care to see that your adventure or experience is sustainable and goes to support generations to come. The small steps that we take along with you will help the broader mountain communities to sustain themselves and the environment that they live in.

Responsible Travel

Global Tourism is one of the major contributors to the emission of GHG which is leading to a warmer climate with major consequences. We both as travelers and travel operators have to shoulder some of the responsibility and do our part in bringing emissions down. Community Experiences has taken various steps like using electric vehicles, traveling in bigger commute, collective dining, and a host of other measures to bring down our carbon footprint. We will take all measures to ensure your holiday leaves as small an impact on the local community and environment as possible. We will travel as responsible global citizens.