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Rainbow Tantra – Meditation and Retreat

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Realizing Nirvana (ultimate liberation) is a long-term goal. No matter how distant the destination, one must start with the first step on the path. This retreat serves as the first step for many towards the destination, which is freedom from suffering and inner peace. Participants will gain an understanding of the path and learn how to progress on it.

This retreat doesn’t promise instant bliss or supernatural experiences. Instead, it helps you understand your true nature of mind and recognize your habitual, involuntary reactions to events and phenomena. These reactions, often rooted in cravings or aversions, lead to suffering and instability. The retreat guides you in remaining equanimous towards these feelings and experiences by working directly on your energy. This process leads to inner peace and mental stability. You’ll also learn techniques to handle life’s changes and cultivate wholesome habits.

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    Discovery, Nature
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All about the Rainbow Tantra – Meditation and Retreat.

Two Aims of the Retreat:

  • Preventing the accumulation of new sankharas (involuntary mental reactions).
  • Releasing old accumulated sankharas and unblocking energy.

Focus of the Retreat:

  • Energy reorientation.
  • Tools for balancing your being.
  • Cleansing your being and starting fresh.
  • Learning to experience the moment-to-moment truth.
  • Accelerating your awakening through Tantra techniques


Noble Silence means no communication verbally, in writing, signs, or gestures with other retreatants except for discussions with Anaagarik Kashyap on techniques.


About Anaagarik Kashyap:

Modern yogi practicing Vipassana meditation for more than 25 years
Teaches Tantra (energy) healing meditation inspired by matriarchal spiritual traditions
Studies the tantric heritage of Nepal
Founder of the Blue Diamond Society
Elected as an openly gay member of the Parliament of Nepal from 2008-12


Depends upon the types of resort and travel modes, please contact for details (for example: Venue: Tayo Eco Resort, Nagarkot
Total Cost Per Person: NPR 60,500 for 4 nights

Service: Two-way transfer with Deluxe room, 3 meals a day with 2 tea and coffee breaks.) (part of the fund goes to establish a tantric meditation retreat center in Nepal)