Rainbow Tantra- Shamanism

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Spirituality transcends gender and identity, existing without the need for labels.
Shamanism facilitates a deep connection with oneself by engaging the body, opening the heart, clearing the mind, and elevating the spirit. For millennia, shamans have traversed the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of life, recognizing the significant role of sexuality in the shamanic journey.

Practiced in Nepal alongside Hinduism and Buddhism for generations, shamanism is a cornerstone of Nepalese culture, making the country a renowned destination for those seeking a shamanistic experience. Known locally as Dhami and Jhankri, shamans vary in title across different ethnic groups, reflecting the diversity of dialects. A shamanism tour in Nepal offers travelers an unparalleled opportunity to embark on a transformative journey.

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All about the Rainbow Tantra- Shamanism.

Shamanism is deeply embedded in Nepal’s cultural fabric, offering a unique blend of spiritual and therapeutic experiences. Shamans are regarded as the pioneers of psychology and psychotherapy.

The journey includes:

  • A visit to a Shaman temple for a personal consultation with a Shaman.
  • An introduction to the healing practices of Himalayan Shamanism.
  • Insights into one’s health across time – past, present, and future.
  • A cleansing of negative energies.
  • Exposure to a potent form of natural psychological healing.

The ethos of shamanism encourages exploration, expansion, and the fulfillment of one